ABOUT US • Nova Scotia’s First Lighthouse Museum • Half Island Cove, Guysborough County

Out of the Fog Museum is run by Keepers of the Beacons. The members are lightkeepers & their families, fishermen and people who have a great love for their heritage. The society was formed in 2000 to assist in protecting and preserving lighthouses. We have worked hard over the past years collecting artifacts to relate what it was like to live on a remote lighthouse. We have dedicated long hours of hard work to this beautiful museum. Keepers of the Beacons is a registered non-profit organization. All work is volunteer, with the exception of a summer student.

The mandate for the museumis to collect, preserve and interpret material related to the lighthouses of Nova Scotia. The museum will trace the history of these lighthouses from the time of building, until present day. The museum will interpret the role of the history, of the lives of the many who served as Lighthouse Keepers.

We are the only Lighthouse Museum in Nova Scotia. If you want to learn more, come see us. You just may meet a Lightkeeper, as there are still a few around and they stop in from time to time.

I’m a little lighthouse keeper
I live down by the sea,
I’m a little lighthouse keeper
Hey look at me,
The sea gulls sing me to sleep at night,
The fog horn wakes me in the early light
I’m a little lighthouse keeper
I live down by the sea.

Our Curator

Paul Ehler is the Curator of The Out of the Fog Museum, and has a historical connection to the Museum. His grandmother was one of the few women that ran a Lighthouse in her time. Paul's mother was also brought up on a lighthouse. Paul is very proud of the this history, his community and the surrounding area. His personality and leadership is a must for any serving the public. Paul's knowledge and loyalty is a great asset that these few words alone cannot express.

Address: Highway 16 in Half Island Cove. Between Guysborough and Canso.
Website: www.lighthousemuseum.ca
Season: June 20 to September 20